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If you are not sure which of my featured services,meets your needs, I suggest you start with private coaching sessions.

Private and confidential coaching that helps us both understand where you are on your consciousness journey and which of my services best meets your needs.

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I can't count the number of people I've met, who smile as they tell me they know their life's purpose

  • But, most have never dialogue with their Higher Guidance..
  • Nor do they have a clue, how to manifest it.

S0 simply knowing one of your many earthly purposes may be enough for others...

But if you are ready to find and manifest your life's purpose

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Featured Services

The Deeper Dive is my 3-month self-paced program. Designed to help you transform dimensions of your mind, that no longer serve you!

By first: identifying, understanding and dialoguing with key dimensions.

Coach Doris



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What age should you begin to consciously age and what it it? Learn more at this link and enroll

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Featured Service

Clear limiting Beliefs in 8 private belief clearing sessions with Coach Doris

as you learn how..

...by receiving audios by he methodology creator: Lion Goodman


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Featured Service

for young people

The most widely used consciousness tool in the world!

No child should reach adulthood without an understanding of how their mind's natural preferences influence how they:


choose careers

interact with others


Customized MBTI/MMTIC services for youth and adult services for

individual, groups and teams

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Featured Service

Becoming a Conscious Leader

As a

I now utilize my 30-years as a corporate HR executive and extensive consulting and coaching experience. To help organizations succeed by developing more conscious leaders/ boards and entire workforces.

Coach Doris

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