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This program was originally designed and delivered at

Emory University in Atlanta, GA. 2016

Now offered as a comprehensive 3-month bundle of learning with

videos,group and private learning:

    1. Brief informative videos you can watch at your convenience.
    2. Scheduled conversational/educational web meetings.
    3. A private Eworkbook for recording your personal stories.
    4. One private voice dialogue session, included in all packages.
    5. Additional voice dialogue sessions can be purchased.


  • We all share the same story of our mind's development. We all developed unconscious dimensions of our mind, called Selves. Each selve has a unique: history, purpose, thought patterns, energy and voice that's unconsciously managing you.
  • First you'll identify the earliest Selves you unconsciously created to protect you, while you hid-way your inner-child. All to protect your vulnerability as you grew up.

  • Then you'll identify the Selves that have become the primary drivers of your psychological car. As well as the disowned Selves you unconsciously forced to ride in the trunk of your car.
  • Next you'll learn about an empowering methodology that will help you manage and transform your ever present inner-critic into your inner-coach.

Finally you'll learn methodologies to begin to interact with your Selves and their voices.

In the 5th session we'll practice freeing your Selves and begin developing an "Aware Ego"

After the 5th courses you'll schedule your private session with a trained and experienced Voice Dialogue facilitator.

Facilitators will use a proven methodology to help you begin a personal practice of interacting, managing and, as needed,transforming the voices in your head.

Coach Doris Shannon


Principal Coach

consciousness, belief clearing and voice

dialogue facilitator



You can schedule your own dates for delivery

with a group of 4 or more.

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If you're just sticking your toes in the deep end for the first time,you may be asking...

Why such a lengthy course?

But as you relax and learn in your own space. You'll begin to awaken to the unmatched depth, breath and power of the subconscious mind. Designed to protect and serve you.

But, unfortunately the strategy your mind uses to protect and serve you, is likely out-of-date. Thats why its critical that you begin to identify and document who's in charge in your My story workbook. So you can quickly decide what parts of your mind you need to interact with, first.

90-days Access

Following the initial video learning activities, the video series will remain accessible, to you, for 90 days. You can download if you wish.

In addition, you will continue to receive periodic informational videos to help you begin to develop a personal practice of managing your mind.




by joining the group conversations

You'll be invited, to scheduled web-meetings

with a small group of like-minded participants for deepening conversations.

90-days Access

Following the initial video learning activities, the video series will remain accessible, to you, for 90 days. You can download if you wish.

In addition, you will continue to receive periodic informational videos to help you begin to develop a personal practice of managing your mind.

All web meeting are recorded and available

for 90-days



You'll be ready for

conscious action and,

it'll be time to schedule your

private voice dialogue

session(s) with.......Coach Doris>

During Voice Dialogue theory becomes real.


"You guided my voice dialogue session masterfully, Coach Doris."

Doris is an effective coach and leader, presenting information in an interesting and understandable way. I learned a lot about myself and really appreciated her insights. My Voice Dialogue session really got me in touch with my selves. I highly recommend this program!

Jodene housewife and mother Ɩ November 2018


I was shocked!

Although I have previously experienced voice dialogue, I had ignored the thoughts and voice holding me back from a hobby I love; oil painting. During my session with Coach Doris I really got in touch with this part of me.

Once I interacted and understood its intentions, I got renewed energy to paint. I’ve now finished several pictures and got them framed and started one from scratch.Thanks Doris!

Nancy , Coach, Trainer and artist

A Video testimonial!

Hear what one of my first voice dialogue client has to say.


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    Great Minds Academy is an academy for lifelong learners.

    Whether they are in a classroom a boardroom or beyond.

    is designed for YOU if you:

    • Want to understand and activate the greatness of your mind.
    • Prefer to self-assess, not pass tests.
    • Are courageous enough to change what no longer serves you.
    • Are determined to become all they were sent here to be.
    • Are willing to learn how coaching can help you live your best life, perhaps on a road less traveled.


    I won't leave you hanging. Below the level of conscious awareness.

    When does this course start and finish?

            • This 3-month learning series is scheduled 4 times each year.
        • How long do I have access to the
            • The videos will be hosted on my site for 90-days, during the 90 days you can choose to download the videos.
            • n re-enroll in the webinar series at a discounted te, whenever you like.
            • you can also purchase additional voice dialogue sessions, with me, at a discounted rate for trained clients.

          • What if I am unhappy with the course?
            • We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are dissatisfied, you can request a full-refund within 5 days of receiving the first video.

      • We’ll be entering deep territory, which will enable you to see into the depth of yourself. We'll be using a number of techniques that may seem uncomfortable at first, however the result will bring you more freedom, more joy, more openness.

    Begin the journey, to becoming all you were uniquely sent here to be.