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.. But, only a conscious you, can understand and learn proven methods that can help you change the limiting behaviors of your subconscious mind.

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    Consciousness Coach Doris
    Consciousness Coach Doris

    After a full rich career as a human resources executive for organizations including: The Weather Channel, Sun America, Cotton States Insurance, Timex Corporation and Blue Cross of Michigan, I was prepared to find both my life’s purpose and my passions.

    First, I became an independent coach,consultant and adjunct college faculty member.

    By 2014, I created Great Minds Academy to help you understand and utilize the untapped power of your mind. I will introduce you to several revolutionary consciousness models that give you the knowledge and skills needed to manage the mind that has been managing you,throughout your life.

    Today, I continues to expand my impact on clients as their consciousness coach and their Consciousness Whisperer . Becoming certified in some of the most powerful consciousness tools in the world.