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"Coaching for your success" has been my coaching mantra since 2000. I help clients create success in their:careers, performance on their job, over-coming illnesses/trauma, successful aging and retirement planning, as well as successfully finding their true purpose. All while successfully managing the unconscious voices in their head and changing limiting beliefs.

Whatever challenge you're facing I can help you help yourself. Let's talk and then you decide.

Asneeded, I use a methodology called Voice Dialogue. Voice dialogue enables you to learn how to dialogue with the different parts of yourself as if they were individual people. Conversations that help you learn both the purpose and the limitation of these parts of you. With this insight you can begin to manage their impact.

Psychologist call these parts of our psyche by various names, including parts, subpersonalities or selves.

We experience them as our unconscious thoughts, mind chatter or the voice(s) in our head.

Stop losing control of your happiness to the unconscious thoughts/voices in your head.

Coach Doris

This transformative methodology came out of more than 50 years of research and development with thousands of people in 35 countries around the world by Hal and Sidra Stone PhDs.

I help you become the conductor of the orchestra of your selves, changing both what they say and how how they make you feel.


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Coach Doris Shannon
Coach Doris Shannon

After a full rich career as a human resources executive for organizations including: The Weather Channel, Sun America, Cotton States Insurance, Timex Corporation and Blue Cross of Michigan. I was prepared to find both my life’s purpose and my passion.

  • So, in 1997 I became an independent coach, consultant, voice dialogue facilitator and continually expand my expertise.
  • Because my life's work is to help others become "all they are meant to be and all they were sent to be". This is difficult,perhaps impossible to accomplish, when you don't understand and utilize all that you already are.

Great Minds Academy is designed to help you understand and utilize the untapped power of your mind.As I left corporate America and contracted with multiple outplacement firms where I became a career coach and

the first assessment designation I earned was the Meyers Brigg Type Indicator MBTI, for both adults and children.

Then I completed my first coach training series, co active coaching, I was hooked... this is my life's work.

Co-Active Coaching is unlike other kinds of coaching. Based on the Co-Active Model, I hold you as the coachee

to be naturally creative, resourceful and

whole, and completely capable of finding your own answers to whatever challenges you face.

My job as your Co-Active Coach® is to ask you powerful questions, listen to empower and elicit the skills and creativity you already possess, rather than instruct or advise.

Next I went on t complete the Graduate School of coaching at Cochville.com.


Because learning in one of my top 3 life values,I continue to add

diverse coaching methodologies, assessments and techniques to my coaching





Private coaching and Voice Dialogue session are available for scheduling once you and I reach an agreement on how I can help you achieve success, we sign an agreement and, and you prepay for the first month of sessions.

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