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MBTI Master Practicioner
MBTI Master Practicioner

At age 20, I experienced my first psychological assessment. I was shocked a few simple questions produced a report describing who I was with such clarity. For the first time, I understood my differences were normal. I found one of the few books published at that time for the general public;Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs-Myers. I read it over and over again for years.

I was hooked for life, on self-discovery. I loved the power it gives you to make satisfying life and career choices.

As I gained the responsibility for the development of others I used the MBTI consistently as a tool to help team members and team leaders create success by understanding self and others.

Now as a trained coach and voice dialogue facilitator, a certified retirement coach and as I become a Master certified MBTI practitioner a - my deep knowledge and experience is just what you need to learn how to win throughout your life.

Coach Doris


Understanding your minds preferences will help you win.

ALL my MBTI services are customized training and coaching service designed to meet the needs of (youth or adult) individuals, families,couples and teams.