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Great Minds Academy was built to help you deepen your understanding of the untapped power of your unconscious mind. With new understanding and our support using training,coaching and facilitation skills - you will begin managing your own mind.

Coach Doris Shannon


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email: coach.doris@greatmindsacademy.info

Meet Coach Doris

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Meet my Guest Voice Dialogue facilitators

from around the world

I invited some of my classmates from around the world who participated with me in a Master Voice Dialogue facilitation training.Training where we learned both the theory and experienced having our voices facilitated and practiced facilitating the voices of others.

I wanted you to be able to choose a quality voice dialogue facilitator,based on a convenient geographic time zone, if you wish.

Transformational coach

Katarina Supicic

of Croatia

"I have twenty years of experience and training in personal development. I have multiple life coach certifications as a Holistic Life Coach and Soulwork Systemic Coach . I am a Therapist of integrative psychotherapy (Centre for Integrative Development). As a certified practitioner of Quantum Energetic Disciplines , I use energy clearing techniques Quick Pulse,Light wand and Advanced Light Wand (by Jo Dunning)

I am also a Bach flower therapy practitioner and a trained Voice dialogue facilitator (by Tim Kelley, Beth Scanzani and Lion Goodman). I am also trained in various energy healing techniques, as well as in reading Akashic records.

I am the founder of Unleash Your Highest Potential and a featured blogger at Huffingtonpost and other websites.

Coach Anne Gray

Annie Gray has partnered with individuals and groups in their growth and development journeys, inspiring hundreds of those seeking life transformations.

In her own journey she has worked in the corporate and educational worlds as coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and teacher/facilitator.

Her experience with transition in her own personal and work life reveals what she hopes to open for others; finding your "inner-gold"
Our “inner gold” is the rich resources that are always available to take us to the next level in life. Annie offers workshops including “Rewiring versus Retiring”, “Technologies for Creating”, and “Human Dynamics”.
Her formal credentials include a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University JFK School and graduate work in Psychology, Education and Business.
Annie is a Inner Harmony Practitioner, and is also certified innumerous educational assessment and training modalities including Conscious Aging, Co-Active Professional Coaching, Retirement and Re-Career Coaching, MBTI, Technologies for Creating, Human Dynamics, Emotional Intelligence, various Leadership Development trainings and assessments, and Advanced Attention Deficit Coaching.
Anne considers that her most important learning has come through her life experience and the wonderful people with whom she has been privileged to collaborate. She also enjoys integrating transformational work in her practice and the teaching of Yoga.